Daggers and Hemlock 2019

Annual event held by the group during August.  

Monthly Business Meeting

Please play attention to the FaceBook page for announcements for the Monthly meeting.  Due to the nature of the Seneschal’s work schedule the business meeting is flexible month to month.

This is also a good way of getting introduced to the members and asking questions.

Armour/Social Night – Tuesday

136 Hampton Dr. Crestview, Fl 32539 @ 6pm.
Armour night is held each Tuesday at Sir Gunnar’s house. You don’t need to be a fighter to come hangout. We welcome everyone.

Armour night was originally started to allow the fighter’s a chance to go somewhere to work on their armour and get it repaired and make new pieces. It has gradually evolved into a good old fashioned social hour as well.

Weekly Fighter Practice – Wednesday

100 Hathaway St S, Crestview, FL 32539 @ 6pm
Held on the Tennis Courts. So bring out your armor and test it before heading to an event. Drag out a friend or two. Not a fighter, no worries, bring it on.